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hot runner system
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Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
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Advantage and disadvantage of thermocouple


Advantage and disadvantage of thermocouple is too many.Please see the introduction below.
advantage of thermocouple:
the range of the thermocouple is wide:Thermocouples used in most of the actual temperature range.the testing temperatue range is between -200℃ with +2500℃.the most depend on the specific using metal wire.
Durable: thermocouple belong to durable device, impact resistant vibration sex good, suitable for dangerous bad environment.
Fast response: because they are small size, low heat capacity, thermocouple temperature change of fast response, especially in induction juncture when bare. They can be in hundreds of milliseconds a response to temperature changes.
without thermal: due to the thermocouple don't need to motivate the power, therefore not easily spontaneous hot, its itself is safe.

Disadvantage of thermocouple
Signal disposal complex: will convert available thermocouple voltage temperature readings for the large signal disposal. Since always, signal conditioning wasted a lot of time design, processing not will be introduced into error, leading to lower accuracy.
Low accuracy: except for the characteristics of metal to internal thermocouples inherent inaccuracy outside, thermocouple measurement accuracy can only achieve reference juncture temperature measurement precision, 1 ° C in general to 2 ° C inside.

Vulnerable to corrosion: because thermocouple made with two different types of metal composition, in some conditions,with time and corrosion may reduce the accuracy.Therefore,they may need protection and the maintenance is indispensable.

Poor noise immunity:when measuring mv signal level  is changes, stray electric field and magnetic field of the noise may cause problems. Stranded inner thermocouples to sharply reduce magnetic field lines may coupling. Shielded cable or in metal intraductal go line and protection can reduce electric field coupling. Measuring devices shall provide hardware or software way signal filtration, strong inhibition work frequently rate (frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz) and its harmonics.Advantage and disadvantage of thermocouple

Written by Tina

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