hot runner system
hot runner system
câmara quente
CANAUX CHAUDS|CANAUX CHAUDS système des moules|CANAUX CHAUDS système en Chine
alergător la cald|alergător la cald China
горячеканальная плесень|китайский производитель горячеканальных систем
Sistema de moldeo por inyeccion fabricados en China
Moldes de injeção sitema de injeção fabricante China
Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
nhựa phun keo nóng|Hệ thống phun nhựa đuôi keo nóng nhà sản xuất

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Hot runner mould and the injection machine relationship


Plastic hot runner injection mould contain hot runner system.Anole is the famous china hot runner brand.Injection molding hot runner
best application for hot runner mould.

After hot runner mould design,choose injection machine is the most important.All the automatic cycle ability of injection machine,should adapt to thr hot runner system.when choosing the injection machine there are some factors need to take consideration:
1.Due to hot runner mould with hot runner,add a manifold,so the thicness of the mould should increase correspondingly.choose the injection machine,we need concern the installation height.
2.For the hot runner mould depreciation.we suggest continuous operation of injection moulding machine,with multistage start to reduce demage.
3. Control the plastic parts movement and reduce the start time.
4.Heating plastic injection mould before let the injection machine start working.
5.Reduce set the hot runner mould time, reduced cooling water pipes, pneumatic, circuit and hot runner temperature control box, etc of the link of time.

Plastic hot runner injection mould in china,anole hot runner system is popular to oversea customer,welcome to negotiation.

written by Tina

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