hot runner system
hot runner system
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Hot runner mould design procedure


Hot runner mould design procedure

Hot runner mould design procedure,first ensure the feeding port according to the plasic parts and the using requirement.As long as the plastic parts structure allows,set block nozzle and nozzle head in the mould with molding structure would not constitute interference.Hot runner system feeding port can be placed on any position of plastic parts.Plastic injection molding feeding port of the position usually choosed according to experience.For large and complex plastic parts,injection molding feeding port can be applied to the position of computer aided analysis (CAE) simulation molten shaped plastic mold cavity flow situation, analyzes the cooling effect of each part of the mould, ensure the ideal feeding port position.Hot runner mould

Second, ensure the type of the hot runner nozzle head.plastic material and the using charater is the key factor to choose the nozzle head type.Also the
Plastic parts production batch and mould manufacturing cost is the important factor for nozzle head choice.Hot runner mould



Third, according to the production of plastic parts batch and injection equipment tonnage size, ensure each of the mould cavity number. Hot runner mould

Fourth, according to the feed of the position of each mode and the mouth cavity to determine the number of nozzle number. If choose one charging hopper, only need a nozzle, namely choose single head hot runner system; If choose a model more cavity or a cavity exactly two or more charging hopper to forming a product, then must need more nozzles, namely choose more hot runner system, but in some ways except for the cross-flow mould structure.Hot runner mould

Fifth,according to the plastic parts weight and the nozzle number, make sure the nozzle of the size of the radial dimensions. At present the same form of nozzle have multiple size series, respectively satisfy different weight within the scope of the plastic parts forming requirements. Hot runner mould

Sixth, according to the plastic parts structure to determine the mould structure size, again according to the set of mould set and the thickness of the template size selection nozzle length series standard size, finally decided the thickness of the template trim size and other and hot runner system related size. Hot runner mould

Seventh, according to the shape of the heat flow DaoBan determined the shape of hot runner fixed board, in its board decorate the power cord wire slot, and in the heat DaoBan, nozzles, nozzle near the cooling water head design enough loop. Hot runner mould

Eighth, complete hot runner system of plastic mold design drawing.Hot runner mould

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