hot runner system
hot runner system
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How to find hot runner material leakage


Throgh this article let's talk about the hot runner material leakage,good hot runner design make the good hot runner protection for hot runner mould.

Commonly,It's hard to find out the hot runner material leakage phenomenon,because just form the mould performance can find it.But If careful observation,we can also find some leakage phenomenon.Generally speaking,when settle a new hor runner system,the operator are very clear for how much shot capacity time for the melt runner.For example,If the melt runner can contain 3 times shoy capacity(Each shot capacity is the volume of melt runner/mould cavity).So when inject
three times,there would be melt plastic left in the mould cavity.If without the melt plastic,maybe the melt plastic has leak into the manifold slot.When using the hot runner,we must ensure the that injection quantity in the machine is set correctly.

when In the operating process, another sign of material leakage is part of the cavity or filling material products not completely. This is because the injection of molten material part leak to the manifold solt,caused the product of injection not sufficiently.In the control of the injection molding machine interface, this show for a sudden change in the process parameters.

If the operator doubt the exist of the leakage,should turn off the injection machine right now,After cooling the machine,then we can start the examination.
After cleanning the system and detect the leak reasons,we should asl check with all the parts.This is because the temperature of the overheating or cleaning process is likely to cause damage to the parts. If found parts was damaged, should instant replacement parts.

What deserve to be mentioned that high quality mould of hot runner brings the operation advantages than operation process of the possibility of hot runner material leakage problems with when the customer buying the hot runne,should deal with all kinds of hot runner of the design and performance fully understand, to make sure the important parameters of the machining accuracy, and for the relevant personnel to provide the necessary technical training.

Written by Tina

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