hot runner system
hot runner system
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CANAUX CHAUDS|CANAUX CHAUDS système des moules|CANAUX CHAUDS système en Chine
alergător la cald|alergător la cald China
горячеканальная плесень|китайский производитель горячеканальных систем
Sistema de moldeo por inyeccion fabricados en China
Moldes de injeção sitema de injeção fabricante China
Горячеканальная|Горячеканальная система вытворца
nhựa phun keo nóng|Hệ thống phun nhựa đuôi keo nóng nhà sản xuất

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Hot runner injection processing condition


Hot runner injection processing condition

1. Injection pressure
Injection pressure power comes from injection hydraulic system. The pressure of hydraulic cylinder transmits to melted plastic material, then the material through injection nozzle get into cold or hot runner. Then the melted material fills in the cavity. The whole process is called injection process. The existence of pressure for the sake of overcome the resistance when injection process. Injection pressure places an important part in hot runner injection processing condition.
2. Injection time
here we say injection time means melted material filling the cavity time. it not include open and clamp mould time. Even though the time is short and the influence to molding circle time is small, the adjustment of the injection time has big affect with regard to sprue, runner, and cavity pressure control. Injection time is the second important part for hot runner injection processing condition.
3. Injection temperature
Injection temperature is the main reason, which effect injection pressure. Injection machine has 5-6 heating positions. Every plastic material has their suitable temperature and the injection temperature should keep in a certain scope. Injection temperature is the third processing condition of injection molding system.
4. Holding pressure and time
During the end of injection, thread rod stop spinning, it keeps pushing. At the moment, the injection mold line go into holding pressure process. The products will contract 25% if without holding pressure.
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